Commercial Products

Acoustic Louvers

VAW Systems’ AL (standard blade), AL-S (sight-proof) and AL-F (airfoil shaped) Acoustic Louvers are designed to provide optimal acoustic performance (Transmission Loss; dB) with minimal airflow restrictions (Pressure Drop; in.w.g.) for a variety of space restricted applications. Acoustic louvers are manufactured with a choice of finishes and material options.  If required by the system or in-field conditions, the acoustic louver may be assembled in a modular fashion.  VAW Systems offers a range of blade geometries that will meet your acoustic, aerodynamic and security requirements.


  • Plant and mechanical room ventilation
  • Replace standard rain louvers for improved acoustic performance
  • Relief air from factories and workshops
  • Ventilation for acoustic enclosures
  • Air conditioning and cooling tower barriers (with airflow)
  • Power generation equipment
  • Noise barrier ventilation systems


  • 1×1 wire mesh protection
  • Access doors

Standard Features

  • Casing materials: 18 ga. Galvanized
  • Depth range: 4 – 12 in. (other sizes available)
  • Cross-section (max. piece size): 48 in. wide by 120 in. tall
  • Acoustic grade fiberglass media fill

Construction Options

  • Heavy casings: 10 and 14 ga.
  • Casing materials: stainless steel, satin coat, and aluminum constructions
  • Mounting flange
  • Wire mesh protection
  • Fiberglass cloth media protection
  • Custom configurations for space and weight restrictions
  • Paint finish and corrosion protection
  • Hinged or door mountings