Commercial Products

Return Noise Shield

The VAW Systems Return Noise Shield (RNS) is an efficient, cost-effective solution that delivers valuable sound isolation among adjacent and nearby spaces that share a common ceiling plenum. With a simple, quick installation the RNS provides noticeable speech privacy improvements. The RNS is also effective at reducing mechanical system noise, such as a nearby (open return) air handling unit over a ceiling plenum. With a very low pressure drop, the acoustic benefits may be ideal for occupant privacy and comfort.


  • Placed directly above return air grills or openings within a common ceiling plenum (typically: 24×24, 18×24 and 12x24in sections)
  • Any work area that employs a common return air ceiling plenum, such as: private offices, open plan offices adjacent to noise sensitive work areas, music practice rooms, among others.

Standard Features

  • Casing material: 22 ga. Galvanized
  • Fiberglass Media Liner (pinned & glued in place)
  • Meets erosion requirements (UL 181) and combustion ratings (ASTM E84, UL723 and NFPA255):
    Flame Spread Class. <25; Smoke Developed Rating <50

Construction Options

  • Heavy casing
  • Casing materials: stainless steel, satin coat, and aluminum
  • Custom sizes and configurations for space restrictions
  • Paint finish and corrosion protection