Turbine Exhaust and intake systems

VAW Systems is the industry leading designer and manufacturer of noise control solutions for a variety of turbine applications. Our silencers, filtration systems, and related components meet the high performance demands and rigorous quality standards of modern power plant facilities.  VAW Systems delivers high acoustic performance and low pressure drop, while maintaining a relatively small foot-print, as part of the complete turbine package.  VAW Systems is actively involved in the retrofit and refurbishing of existing facilities.  A team of application engineers and project managers may perform site sound evaluations and dimensional measurements to ensure proper selection of equipment.

The VAW Systems Advantage

The direct benefits of the VAW Systems – Systems Approach includes space and weight reductions, significantly reduced operating costs for the facility owner, and an enhanced overall system design for Engineers. VAW Systems operates under strict Quality Assurance guidelines and maintains a code welding program confirming to both AWS and CWB certification standards.

Turbine Products

Turbine Products