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Industrial Acoustic Enclosures

Many industrial fans and related equipment (engines, vacuum dust collectors, pumps, coolers) require significant noise reductions from casing radiated sound emissions. VAW Systems designs and builds high performance acoustic enclosures and barrier systems that will meet both occupational noise limits and environmental noise ordinances.  Using suitable acoustic wall panels and related structures, the industrial enclosures are engineered for virtually any installation and system pressure.  Single and double wall systems are integrated with an access door system, silenced ventilation openings, structural support bases and a wide variety of surface finishes. Acoustic enclosures may be fully-assembled from the factory or shipped in components for final field assembly.


The specifications for our acoustic enclosures vary depending on the task they are being built for. We may be trying to reduce noise from one particular noise source by enclosing that source, or we may be limiting the amount of noise that reaches a particular area.

No matter what the intended use of the enclosure is, high-quality materials will be used in its construction. These materials may include:

  • Painted carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, reinforced fiberglass and aluminum
  • Acoustically treated ventilation
  • Acoustic panels from 2” to 8” thick, single and double walls assemblies (for higher sound isolationn

Acoustic enclosures may be fully-factory assembled and painted ready for field installation, or shipped in pieces and sections that are suitable for field assembly.

For more information on specifications, contact us with the details of your project. We can build a noise enclosure customized to fit your needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fully customizable—maintenance access doors, internal electrical, and windows available.
  • Highly effective—reduce noise from fans, pumps, motors, inlet/outlet plenums, and more.  
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.


Acoustic enclosures can be used in a wide variety of different industrial and commercial applications. As noise control devices, acoustic enclosures can be utilized both to keep sound in and to keep sound out. Some of the practical applications of a noise enclosure include:

  • Gen-set enclosures protect team members from the loud noises generated by engine generators.
  • Compressor enclosures are used to reduce the noise generated by large industrial compressors.
  • Observation and control room enclosures are utilized to protect employees in control rooms and observation centers from the sounds generated by noisy machinery.
  • Test room enclosures are used to maintain noise levels so that acoustic measurements can be taken accurately.

These are just a few of the many applications an acoustic enclosure may be used for; pumps, rotating equipment, and other loud machines can all be placed within a noise enclosure to reduce their impact on people and other machines.

Aside from test chambers, a sound enclosure may also be used anywhere that people need to be isolated from noise; contact centers located within manufacturing plants are an excellent example.

Standard Features

  • Material: painted carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum
  • Acoustical treated ventilation, as required
  • Fully factory assembled or knock down for field assembly, with or without support base
  • Acoustic Panel thickness: 2 to 8 in.
  • Acoustic performance: wall TL based on ASTM® methods; and, plenum attenuation based on the latest ASHRAE® algorithms
  • May be designed for site-specific seismic requirements and wind loading

Construction Options

  • Custom paint finish
  • Welded and bolted designs
  • Access doors
  • Windows
  • Internal electrical (lights, receptacles, special requirements)

Why Choose VAW Systems?

With decades of experience innovating new sound absorbing and noise control technologies, VAW Systems offers customized sound enclosure solutions tailored to fit your needs. We’ve worked with industrial facilities in their efforts to reduce hearing damage, testing facilities that want to improve acoustic measurement accuracy, and many other companies interested in reducing noise in their work environment.

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Need a custom acoustic enclosure for your business? Contact VAW Systems today. We build enclosures customized to fit almost any space, with variable noise suppression to suit almost any application. We can build the perfect enclosure for your business needs


What Are Acoustic Enclosures?

An acoustic enclosure is a structure designed to limit the amount of noise entering or exiting a particular space. They are often placed around loud machinery to reduce the impact that noise can have on both people and machinery. They may also be used in test environments to get more accurate acoustic measurements, or in control rooms, observation rooms, and other areas to protect people from loud sounds.

Can the Acoustic Enclosures Be Customized for Different Installations?

Yes. All of our enclosures are customized to fit the exact needs of our clients. Different noise sources need different levels and types of noise reduction—everything from how loud a sound is to its frequency must be considered. 

Additionally, equipment size and field space constraints must be considered. We can build an enclosure to offer suitable levels of noise reduction for almost any size or shape of space.

What Are the Benefits of Single and Double-Wall Systems?

Sound enclosures are typically single-walled systems; the acoustic paneling offers sufficient noise reduction. There are, however, a few circumstances in which a double-walled system may be appropriate, like:

  • When low-frequency sound isolation is essential
  • When the shape of the enclosure poses particular challenges—each double-wall panel is smaller and lighter, granting more maneuverability

Double-walled systems are typically more expensive than their single-walled counterparts. 

How Are the Acoustic Enclosures Ventilated?

Care must be taken to ensure that the ventilation needed for acoustic enclosures does not affect their noise-canceling properties. Intake and exhaust air openings are equipped with silencers or acoustic louvers to suppress noise. They may also be equipped with elbow silencers—this is especially common in outdoor enclosures, as elbow silencers can help offer rain protection. Finally, the overall construction of the enclosure will help minimize pressure drop. 

What Should I Consider When Choosing an Acoustic Enclosure?

Several factors should be considered when choosing a sound enclosure, including:

  • Equipment size
  • Noise emissions levels
  • Noise criteria or noise reduction requirements 
  • Cleanability 
  • Acceptable materials (e.g., galvanized, stainless, aluminum, fiberglass)
  • Ventilation requirements (air volume and allowable static losses)
  • Field assembly versus pre-assembled/painted

Are There any Maintenance Requirements for the Acoustic Enclosures?

Little maintenance is required for a sound enclosure. The exception is in environments particularly prone to accumulating dust and grease—in these places, routinely cleaning the interior may be necessary to ensure optimal noise control performance.