Industrial Products




Many industrial fans and related equipment (engines, vacuum dust collectors, pumps, coolers) require significant noise reductions from casing radiated sound emissions. VAW Systems designs and builds high performance acoustic enclosures and barrier systems that will meet both occupational noise limits and environmental noise ordinances.  Using suitable acoustic wall panels and related structures, the industrial enclosures are engineered for virtually any installation and system pressure.  Single and double wall systems are integrated with an access door system, silenced ventilation openings, structural support bases and a wide variety of surface finishes. Acoustic enclosures may be fully-assembled from the factory or shipped in components for final field assembly.


  • Gensets
  • Pumps
  • Telecom and Data Centers
  • Rotating equipment

Standard Features

  • Material: painted carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum
  • Acoustical treated ventilation, as required
  • Fully factory assembled or knock down for field assembly, with or without support base
  • Acoustic Panel thickness: 2 to 8 in.
  • Acoustic performance: wall TL based on ASTM® methods; and, plenum attenuation based on the latest ASHRAE® algorithms
  • May be designed for site-specific seismic requirements and wind loading

Construction Options

  • Custom paint finish
  • Welded and bolted designs
  • Access doors
  • Windows
  • Internal electrical (lights, receptacles, special requirements)