Industrial Products

Industrial Silencers

VAW Systems Industrial Silencers are available for intake and discharge air systems. They are suitable for virtually any centrifugal or axial fan, and are available in various configurations to meet your system requirements and space constraints. VAW’s energy efficient Industrial Silencers may be installed within airstream temperatures from -40 to 350 deg.F.  Many surface finish options and factory installed accessories provide the industry’s best in class, compact and adaptable noise control solutions. Standard VAW Industrial Silencers include:
  • Rectangular Inlet Box (VRIB)
  • Rectangular Horizontal Box (VRHB)
  • Rectangular Side Inlet Box (VRSB)
  • Elbow Inlet Box (VEIB)
  • Circular Inlet (VCIBi)
  • Rectangular Discharge (VRDS)
  • Circular Discharge (VCIBd)


  • Fan noise control (flange mount)
  • General plant ventilation
  • Induced draft fans
  • Baghouse filtration systems

Silencer Accessories

  • Horizontal and vertical weather hoods
  • Horizontal and vertical filter houses
  • Transitions and evases (integral or stand-alone)
  • Airflow probes (w/ min pressure readings)
  • Access doors and sampling ports

Standard Features

  • Designed to be either directly mounted to a fan inlet/discharge, or within a ducted/room ventilation system
  • Aerodynamically shaped baffles and center pods for optimum attenuation and minimum pressure drop
  • Casing materials and structural design suitable for virtually any airstream composition and system pressure

Construction Options

  • Heavy Casings: up to 3/8 in. steel plate
  • Casing Materials: galvanized steel, stainless (304 & 316), satin coat, aluminum, HRS with paint system
  • Various flange configurations and materials
  • Custom configurations for space and weight restrictions
  • Support brackets and legs
  • Wire mesh/bird screen protection
  • API 560 and 673 construction standards
  • Industrial paint systems and coatings:
    • Rust inhibitive prime painted exterior
    • High temperature paints
  • Anti-corrosive coatings
  • Protective films for media fill
  • Special shipping splits
  • Removable baffles, center pods and side panels
Add a weather hood to any of these systems.  Select from a variety of hoods for weather protection on any installation in the horizontal or vertical plane. Hoods may include built-in rain louvers or acoustic louvers, if required.