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Light Industrial Silencers

VAW Systems Light Industrial Rectangular and Elbow Silencers are specially designed to be flange mounted directly to a ducted air system or a general purpose fan.

  • Lightweight Sheet Metal Construction
  • Flanged for simple installation

There are a number of construction options and accessories available that may be selected for your application.  For special applications, silencers may be assembled in a modular fashion and/or sized to meet shipping and material handling requirements.  Automated product selection is available through VAW Systems’ FANSIL® and COMSIL® software packages.

Why Choose VAW Systems?

The team at VAW Systems offers a wide variety of industrial silencers and filtration systems for lighter-duty fans; they’re fully customizable for any space constraints or field conditions. When you need high levels of noise reduction, minimal pressure loss and off-the-shelf silencer designs simply don’t meet your needs, VAW Systems can help.


Typical installations:

  • Building and enclosure ventilation
  • Fan inlet and discharge

Fan air system range

  • Maximum fan static: 16 in.w.g. (class I & II fans)
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 150F

Standard Features

  • Casing: galvanized metal
  • Internals: galvanized perforated metal baffles with acoustic grade media fill
  • Constructed based on ASHRAE® and SMACNA® standards
  • Wide range of sizes to suit your system

Construction Options

  • Heavy Casings: up to 10 ga.
  • Casing Materials: galvanized steel, satin coat (with paint), stainless, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and aluminum
  • Flange configurations and materials
  • Custom configurations for space and weight restrictions
  • Support brackets and legs
  • Wire mesh/bird screen protection
  • Industrial Paint Systems and Coatings
  • Anti-corrosive coatings
  • Protective liners for media fill
  • Weather hood and debris protections

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We offer light industrial silencers for all types of light industrial fan and ventilation applications, customized to fit almost any size and shape. For light industrial silencers built to fit your needs, call VAW Systems today.


What Are Light Industrial Silencers, and How Do They Differ From Other Types?

Light industrial silencers are built for lighter-duty fans; they’re especially well suited to fans with lower static pressure and lighter casing construction. For these applications, light industrial silencers offer an extremely cost-effective option that offers the noise reduction levels of fully-welded industrial silencers at a fraction of the cost.

How Do Light Industrial Silencers Work?

Light industrial silencers absorb and reflect noise to scatter, break up, and trap sound waves. Our industrial silencers can also be equipped with hoods to redirect sound away from noise-sensitive areas. A light industrial silencer can offer the same noise mitigation for a lighter-duty fan as a fully-welded industrial silencer; it can be used for both inlet and discharge fan installations. 

How Can Light Industrial Silencers Be Installed, and Do They Require Special Mounting Equipment?

The method used for installation will depend on both the silencer type and the fan system on which they are being installed. Typically, the silencer will be supported by the fan flange—in other cases, support brackets may be installed to support the silencer. 

Can Light Industrial Silencers Be Customized for Special Applications?

Our silencers can be custom-built for all kinds of applications; they can be custom-built to fit almost any size or shape. Different materials can be utilized to ensure that the silencer provides enough noise attenuation in a variety of environments and to ensure that the silencer can resist corrosion and other environmental factors.