Turbine Products

Steam Vent and Blow-Off Silencers

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Common to most high pressure gas and steam applications is the need to vent or evacuate a system in the event of an upset or system shut down.  As a result, relief valves and/or control valves are incorporated to safeguard against a system failure or maintain process conditions.   VAW’s steam vent silencers and blow-off silencers are specially designed to reduce the excessive noise generated by the high differential pressure at the time of a release.   Each vent silencer is designed for the individual process venting conditions and customer acoustic requirements.  Materials selection is based on the application criteria as it relates to the vented medium (steam, air, natural gas, or other gas), upstream pressure and temperature and flowrate required to be vented. VAW’s Applications engineering team have the knowledge and experience to correctly design the proper vent silencer for your system.



  • Steam safety relief valves
  • Process steam control valves
  • Steam ejectors
  • Compressor by-pass 
  • Boiler start-up and steam purge systems
  • Steam and gas vents
  • Switch valves (reversing valves)
  • Autoclaves
  • By-pass valves

Standard Features

  • Single or multiple inlets
  • Compact single or multi-stage diffusers
  • All welded, heavy-duty construction
  • Materials: Painted carbon steel
  • Paint finish
  • Flanged, NPT or BFW connections
  • Vertical and Horizontal mounting brackets
  • Condensate drains

Construction Options

  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Special paint and corrosion resistance systems
  • Support Brackets as required
  • Weather hoods
  • Outlet elbows
  • Bird screen