Industrial Noise Control

Industrial Noise Control

VAW Systems is the industry leading designer and manufacturer of industrial noise control products. Our energy efficient fan silencers are aerodynamically designed to be directly mounted to any fan. VAW Systems silencers are optimized to deliver high levels of attenuation (insertion loss) with minimal pressure drop and adverse fan system interactions. Filter boxes, hoods and other duct fittings are matched to the silencer in order to meet your system performance requirements.

The steam vent silencers are custom designed to meet the most demanding process steam applications and noise criteria. They can be designed to meet OSHA standards or residential property line noise criteria. Whether it is air, gas or steam the VAW vent silencer can meet the acoustic requirements.

The VAW Systems Advantage

The direct benefits of the VAW Systems – Systems Approach includes space and weight reductions, significantly reduced operating costs for the facility owner, and an enhanced overall system design for Engineers. Since our silencers are integrated into the mechanical system design, the reduction or elimination of duct transitions and other fittings often results in a near equivalent total up-front cost.

Industrial Soundproofing Products


With this selection software you can perform an Acoustic Analysis of your fan system in a simple, use friendly interface. Select silencers based on fan sound data and specified criteria, and evaluate alternative selections using our unique optimize feature. Use Fansil acoustic analysis and selection software – a powerful desktop tool:

  • Most advanced acoustic algorithms in the market
  • Modern, user friendly interface
  • Built-in noise source features
  • Drag’n’Drop icon based analysis grid
  • Wide variety of noise control product selections
  • Large size ranges available
  • Flexible construction options, including special materials & assembly

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