Commercial Products

Reactive (No Media) Silencers

VAW Systems’ RSR (Rectangular), RER (Elbow), CSR (Circular) and CER (Circular Elbow) reactive silencers are specifically designed for noise control in HVAC systems that prohibit any glass fiber fill. With smooth radius inlets and tapered outlets, maximum attenuation at the lowest possible pressure loss is assured. Features include:
  • Inlet and outlet connections matched to actual duct dimensions to avoid the need for transitions.
  • Excellent balance between acoustic and aerodynamic performance.
  • Constructed with materials that are suitable for corrosive or moisture laden airstreams.
  • May be tuned at a key frequency(s) in order to address problematic tones in existing air systems.


  • Supply and return air systems that do not allow for any acoustic media fill whatsoever
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensitive building designs (Operating rooms, clean rooms, and pharmaceutical and food processing facilities)
  • Close coupled to fan plenums and air handling units
  • Roof top air handling systems
  • Fan systems with prominent tones, such as vacuum exhaust pumps
  • Laboratory fume hood ventilation systems, including sensitive manufacturing facilities and clean air systems

Silencer Accessories

  • Support brackets
  • Airflow probes
  • Access doors
  • Drainage connections
For special applications, such as high temperature, corrosive, or high pressure systems, consider VAW’s Industrial Silencer product line.

Standard Features

  • Casing: 22 ga. galvanized steel
  • Internals: 26 ga. galvanized micro-perforated metal  liner with tuned chamber and stiffeners
  • Constructed in accordance with ASHRAE® and SMACNA® standards

Standard Rectangular and Elbow Size Range

  • 6 in. to as required connection width dimension
  • 6 in. to as required connection height dimension
  • 36 to 144 in. long casings

Standard Circular Size Ranges

  • 6 to 72 in. diameter connection dimension
  • 36 to 120 in. long casings
  • Casing outside walls ≥ connection ID

Construction Options

  • Heavy casings (HTL): 10, 14, and 16 ga.
  • Continuous welding casings
  • Casing materials: Stainless steel (304 & 316), Satin coat, Aluminum
  • Flange configurations and materials
  • Custom configurations for space and weight restrictions, including offsets and Z-shaped elbows
  • Transitional (unequal inlet and outlet dimensions)
  • Special paint system
  • Extended casings for higher velocities and enhanced attenuation – (EH & EW)
  • Special shipping splits
  • Removable baffles, center body and side panels
  • Wire mesh/bird screen protection