Industrial Products

Inlet Filter Systems

Inlet filter houses are easily integrated into any VAW Systems inlet silencer. Options include 1 to 3 sided air inlets and filtration performance from MERV 1 to 16 (pre-filters and final-filters).  The filter racks may house 2 to 12 in. deep filters, within flat and V-bank configurations.


  • Protect rotating equipment (fans, engines, blowers) against ingestion of contaminants
  • Plant ventilation systems
  • Prevent excess wear, maintenance costs and/or premature failure of process equipment

Standard Features

  • Horizontal or vertical installation orientations
  • One to three sided inlet filter banks
  • Filter selections (various disposable and washable types; filtration efficiency options)
  • Static and Pulse systems
  • Multi stage designs
  • Filter loading options (front or side)
  • Wire mesh/bird screen protection
  • Moisture eliminators
  • May be designed for site-specific seismic requirements and wind loading

Construction Options

  • Materials: painted carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized
  • Paint finish and anti-corrosive coatings
  • Special shipping splits
  • Welded and bolted designs
  • Access doors
  • Louver or rain hood protection
  • Pressure gauge (magnehelic)
  • Flow measurement probe and/or port