Commercial Products

Axial Fan Silencers

Axial fan silencers are often employed in HVAC and tunnel ventilation systems. Circular silencers include a center body that is matched to the fan and motor hub, delivering uniform flow in and out of the fan. VAW Systems’ Axial Silencers are designed with a suitable shape and size, ensuring that the pressure drop is minimized (often near zero pressure losses), while helping the fan achieve the required noise criteria and thrust performance. Standard axial fan silencers include:
  • Cone Silencers — transitional cone shape efficiently accelerates or decelerates the air through the fan
  • Jet Fan Silencers — key internal geometry is matched to the fan ensuring optimal fan thrust


  • HVAC systems
  • Ventilation shafts and tunnel systems
  • Low pressure drop applications where standard rectangular silencers are not suitable (due to space constraints, fan power limitations, or both).

Silencer Accessories

  • Support brackets
  • Drainage connections
  • Integral inlet bell and bird screen protection

Standard Features

  • Galvanized casing (lockformed or welded construction)
  • Connection options
    • 2 in. slips
    • Flanges
    • Weld nuts
  • 16 to 96 in. diameter connection dimension
  • 1X dia – to – 3X dia casing lengths
  • Casing may be circular or rectangular (depending on performance requirements and space available)

Construction Options

  • Heavy casings (HTL): 10, 14, and 16 ga.
  • Support brackets or legs
  • Continuous welding casings
  • Casing materials: Stainless steel (304 & 316), Satin coat and Aluminum
  • Media protection (cloth, liner)
  • Flange configurations and materials
  • Special paint system
  • Special shipping splits to suit site access requirements
  • Removable center body