Commercial Products

Acoustic Enclosures and Plenums

VAW Systems’ acoustic enclosures and plenums are engineered for optimum attenuation and noise reduction.  Acoustic enclosures are custom designed to provide practical, space savings noise control solutions.  The acoustic enclosure may house noisy equipment (fan casings, gensets, pumps, etc.).  The acoustic plenum may be connected to a fan discharge or return opening to aid in the distribution of ventilation or conditioned air.  In addition to being an effective way to group ducts together, an acoustic plenum is often used to efficiently attenuate low frequency sound.  Enclosures and plenums include sound absorptive walls, typically perforated metal liner backed by fiberglass media to deliver broadband sound attenuation.

Acoustic Panels

A range of acoustic panels are used to form VAW acoustic enclosures and plenums.  Panel thickness and materials of construction are selected for any noise source type.  High Transmission Loss (HTL) panels are available.  Panel features include:
  • Solid or perforated interior liner
  • Acoustic media fills
  • Internal stiffeners


  • Equipment noise controls (plant or outdoor)
    • Fans, pumps, motors, compressors, and generators.
  • Integrated into fan systems or air handling units
  • Low frequency attenuation, close to the source
  • Control room, occupational noise controls

Enclosure Accessories

  • Ladder and staircase systems
  • Lighting

Standard Features

  • Engineered for virtually any installation
  • Full-factory assembly or in-field module construction, with or without support base
  • Acoustic Panels: Tongue-and-groove or internal flange (removable)
  • Acoustic Panel thickness: 2 to 8 in.
  • Acoustic performance: wall TL based on ASTM® methods; and, plenum attenuation based on the latest ASHRAE® algorithms
  • May be designed for site-specific seismic requirements and wind loading

Construction Options

  • High transmission loss walls and doors
  • Materials: galvanized, stainless steel, satin coat
  • Ventilation silencers and acoustic louvers
  • Removable panels
  • Floor grating
  • Paint finish systems
  • Integrated filter sections
  • Structural support systems