Research and Development

Putting innovation to the test

For over four decades, VAW Systems has been at the forefront of novel noise control products and solutions.

Our research and development program includes:

  • Extensive development in our research facility – Noise Control Applications Laboratory;
  • Product testing at accredited, independent test facilities; and,
  • Field verification studies of complete noise control installations.

Our Engineers have developed noise control solutions that will save you energy, space and weight.  This includes proprietary low frequency solutions (US Patent 10,260,772) and unique silencer system effects.

VAW’s unique approach demands an exceptional research facility

Our modular wind tunnel system accommodates a wide range of silencer performance tests and noise control system (mock-up) studies.  The facility includes state-of-the-art instrumentation (sound measurements from 50 Hz to 10,000 Hz), ensuring the production of reliable and repeatable aero-acoustic data. The focus in the laboratory is to meet the needs of our Customers.  This includes space and energy savings solutions, high performance products, and original value-added system effects.