Real World Solutions


VAW is committed to product excellence. Our facility is well equipped and efficiently operated, utilizing the most modern of techniques and the highest quality standards in the industry.

VAW Systems has the ability to handle all of your Clean Room application needs, from preliminary design to being able to manufacture and ship the final product to the Clean Room protocol required.

Real World Solutions

VAW designs, tests and builds silencers of virtually any size, configuration and materials. Our products deliver practical, energy efficient solutions at facilities throughout the world VAW Systems uses a systems approach to applied noise control engineering. Our silencers are adapted to your mechanical system – not the other way around. VAW Systems works closely with Mechanical Engineers and Acoustic Consultants in the analysis and product selection for their most challenging applications. VAW Systems silencers are aerodynamically optimized to delivery high levels of attenuation (insertion loss) with minimal pressure drop and adverse fan system interactions. Products include large radius inlets and tapered outlets, delivering an excellent  balance between acoustic and aerodynamic performance.